I saw the finale and it was great!

  • Bolin development and glory, along with Jinora glory and development makes me a happy happy person. Mostly Bolin for me, because lava bending is incredible. 
  • Suyin Beifong surprisingly wasn’t aligned with the Red Lotus, I gotta admit, they tripped me up on that one. Nice job Bryke.
  • The siblings and their fights were incredible, Bolin/Mako, Suyin/Lin, I felt like they had some very very sweet fighting scenes. Kudos for Mako showing off his lightning generation after all this time and clever. I think I like him a bit more than Zuko now or at least tie, they’ve redeemed this character well. 
  • A lot of earnest, feel-good emotions overall and great voice acting to credit. Just seeing how tight they’ve all become as a unit really worked wonders.
  • So much death…so much vague death and violence…getting blown up in you face, being electrocuted in an anti-climatic way, horror torture scenes with Korra, getting buried in a mountain of lava and rock. I’m not happy that death happened for death sake, but I feel like a lot of it was happened pretty decently. Unlike Unalaq’s last season. Pi’L ‘spolding herself in the face was just sweet poetic justice at its finest
  • The other death, Ming-Hua’s…I just love it when the death of villains comes from their own ambition and drive to kill.  Ghazan’s was a bit cliche, but he was my favorite so I don’t think he deserved that super horrid a death. 
  • Kuvira, the metalbending guard seemed sooooo suspicious, I expected something out of her but nothing.
  • No dumb romance! A++!
  • Tonraq action! 
  • So glad Korra was still feeling shitty from the poison, realism at its finest. Korra’s emotional strife was also heart-wrenching, not feeling like you’re needed anymore and possibly from the hallucinations?
  • Subskills overall, that’s something I really liked about ATLA. Aang might have been able to use the bending of his friends but they possessed talents in Metalbending, Bloodbending, Healing, Lightning Generation(probably remembering wong on this one) that his friends could use. Seems to be the case here with Korra. That begs the question, what is happening now in the world? Everyone is learning new things, new abilities are being taught, everyone is evolving. Is the Avatar needed in a world of people who are quickly catching up in almost every regard? 

It was pretty great butttt….I do have a few gripes.

  • Why did they use metallic poison? How did Jinora know this poison was metallic? I suppose you can say Jinora saw the poison beforehand using that weird out-of-body experience powers of hers?
  • I’m sure Zaheer’s talents of flying were foreshadowed, actually they were thinking back. But it still came off as very very odd and convenient for me. It was foreshadowed at least, so it wasn’t a plot laced power-up and it is the penultimate episode. 
  • Zaheer sort of went into a bit of a maniac toward the end…eh..I’m not too pressed, I just feel like Korra has enough psychopathic characters in its arsenal. 

I have a lot more to say on things but those are just what stuck out to me, it was really good! Book 3 just knocked one right out of the park for me! 


me when i’m not ok but I don’t want people to worry about me


OneDayApartShipping headcanons:


Some Blue/Emerald platonic friendship headcanons I have!

  • They both built machine stuff together/share invention ideas.
  • Blue’s always coming up with things Emerald should do to make himself have more presence/look taller.
  • She’s braided his hair before (don’t ask how she managed to have him let her to that to him, she’s not even totally sure herself).
  • Ever since the whole Jirachi shebang Emerald’s had an interest in the stars. Blue finds zodiac signs amusing so they both talk about their sign, Gemini, together.
  • Emerald is Blue’s favourite Hoenn junior for all the reasons above and because he doesn’t think he’s more fashionable than she is, unlike a certain baggy hat wearing individual.


the fact is Jun is the only POC winner in BBUS (and BBCan) history, and she’s ignored as a winner for the most part because 1) she dragged dan so many times that I’m surprised he can still walk, and his mayo army hates her for it 2) she dragged julie for not acknowledging the white washing of CBS even though she has the voice and influence to speak about it 3) most people haven’t even seen her season….



the sailor moon franchise has grossed 1.5 billion in sales…you’d think theyd have some coins left to fix this mess


Dear Everyone With Smooth Lines in Their Digital Drawings





Here’s a trick - once you have the going-everywhere doodly sketchy layer down, create a new layer and then RESIZE THE IMAGE to 400%.
Pick a nice big brush with hard edges, large enough to vary the weight of your strokes a bit, zoom in to a comfortable level and ink that shit. Goal is to find the golden middle path of all those sketch lines in a single stroke.
Once you’re done, resize the image back to 25% aka original size. Tada! Any shaky lines will be smoothed out in the process and you’ll have a crisp linework to die for. Remember practice makes perfect! :D

me most of the time: people are okay, I guess. like no one is 100% bad.
me after reading the comments section in any article, ever: this world can only be cleansed with fire.